Here at Tramar we have completed many successful development projects. We are in control of our projects from planning stages right through the construction to completion and sale of the properties.

Our development projects are given genuine and dedicated thought before any work is commenced to make sure our properties are designed around how they will be used and lived in. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail within our properties. Aiming to provide not just a home but enhanced lifestyles to the buyer as well as all the traditional comforts you would expect from your home.

Tramar homes aren’t just highly practical – a flair for design means our homes and properties have a stylish and timeless design, so they can be loved for a lifetime.

Development opportunities – Land Required

We are constantly seeking opportunities too develop and grow. We are always looking to acquire land and sites. Developments opportunities of interest would be:

  • Excess garden on private land
  • Properties with large grounds
  • Land with or without planning
  • Commercial properties
  • Redevelopments opportunities
  • And more …

If you feel you have something you could potentially offer us, don’t hesitate to get in contact.


At Tramar, we have many investment opportunities available. If you have some capital that you would like to invest, property development is well worth your consideration. We can offer a much higher interest rate than you would get in the bank and can guarantee a generous and competitive return on your investment.

If you would like to talk about your situation and discuss a guaranteed return percentage rate, then get in touch today to see what we can offer you.